Promoting Education and Attainment of the Highest Level of Knowledge and Understanding of Clinical Neurophysiology

The International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology (IFCN) has member societies in 62 countries. The IFCN mission is to promote best practice in clinical neurophysiology through education and research throughout the world. And our vision is to improve healthcare worldwide by understanding the nervous system and optimizing the diagnosis and treatment of its disorders through clinical neurophysiology.

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Scholarship Announcement 2018

The IFCN is pleased to announce two IFCN Training in Africa Scholarships open to candidates from Africa only for 2018:

African candidates, who have already completed neurology training, are invited to apply for these training scholarships in any area of clinical neurophysiology. Funding will ordinarily be at the level of of $12,500 US, but a higher amount can be considered if justified with a detailed budget. These funds are for training at the World Federation of Neurology Teaching Centres in Cairo, Rabat, and Cape Town providing also clinical neurophysiology training; however, other training centers in Africa may be considered if competence for training can be demonstrated.

These scholarship normally apply for a six month training period.

Applicants who are 35 years of age or less will be given preference.

How to Apply
Applicants must attach:

  • A Curriculum Vitae and list of publications
  • Copy of identity card or passport with date of birth
  • Description of the goal of the intended project (1 page)
  • Letter of recommendation from home institution - *Letter must be signed and on the institution letterhead
  • Letter of acceptance from the host institution - *Letter must be signed and on the institution letterhead
  • Detailed budget if more than $12,500 US is requested

Submission Info
Deadline for submission is Wednesday, September 15, 2018 (date of receipt).

Please send your application to the Secretariat of the IFCN via email at or mail to:

IFCN Secretariat - Stephanie Stevenson
c/o Venue West Conference Services Ltd.
300 - 1040 Hamilton Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 2R9
Fax: 1.604.681-2503

Kindly note that the above documents must be in the order listed above on 1 PDF file.

The IFCN requires a positive progress report from the winners’ supervisor at the end of the first semester to continue the scholarship support, plus a final report by the winner to be sent within 3 months after completing the scholarship.
The Executive Committee of the IFCN will judge applications and its decision is final.



The IFCN is pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 IFCN Research and Education Scholarships!


Olivier Bodart

Miguel Ângelo de Oliveira Santos

Paivi Nevalainen



Suzanne Maria Ilagan

Anca Adriana Arbune

Prisca-Rolande Bassole