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The Psychophysiology Laboratory at New York State Psychiatric Institute (http://psychophysiology.cpmc.columbia.edu/) and the Department of Psychiatry of Columbia University (Area: Epidemiology and Population Science) is seeking a full-time, enthusiastic, post-doctoral research scientist. The laboratory conducts research on cognitive and neurophysiological function in schizophrenia and depressive disorders and will become part of a newly-created EEG core at NYSPI. Funding is guaranteed for two years; extension is conditional upon acquiring additional funding. The position will remain open until the appropriate candidate is identified.

BACKGROUND: This position will be linked to several ongoing research projects, including two 2-yr NIMH-funded studies. An ongoing project, EEG/ERP Measures of Attention and Cognitive Control During New Auditory WM Tasks, employs behavioral measures in combination with event-related potentials (ERPs) and oscillations (EROs) to dissociate perceptual, attentional and cognitive control processes and investigate how impairments in these functions affect cognitive processing in schizophrenia. A new project, MDD Treatment Response and Functional Connectivity of Brain Regions via Reference-free EEG: Further Development and Integration of Biomarkers Using Multisite EMBARC, seeks to delineate the relationship of posterior alpha current source density (CSD) and rostral anterior cingulate cortex theta current density (LORETA). Additional engagement in two other ongoing projects that investigate EEG biomarkers in a longitudinal study of families at high risk for major depressive disorder is expected. The candidate will have multiple opportunities to be part of ongoing basic and clinical research projects.

This position is for an individual with extensive experience in electrophysiologic methods, particularly EEG oscillations and time-frequency analysis. The candidate will be interested in applying these methods to develop new analytic strategies for EEG/ERP studies in psychiatric patients (depression and schizophrenia) and healthy adults. Duties include development and/or modification of Matlab scripts (EEGLAB), analyses of existing EEG/ERP data, scholarly dissemination of findings, and creatively contributing to a team of experienced electrophysiologists and researchers.
The applicant should have a PhD degree in Psychology, Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering or a related discipline, and experience conducting cognitive and/or electrophysiologic research. Expertise in time-frequency analysis using EEGLAB and/or Matlab is essential.

Working knowledge of reference-free analytic approaches (inverse modeling, scalp current source density) and multivariate data decomposition (PCA, ICA) is desirable, and familiarity with other programming languages (Pascal, C++, Python) and/or statistical packages (SPSS, R, mPlus, BMDP) is an additional asset. Preference will be given to individuals interested in pursuing a research career in Psychopathology, Cognitive Neuroscience, and/or Psychophysiology who are eager and determined to acquire research funding.

Work Location:
New York Psychiatric Institute
1051 Riverside Drive 3508
New York, NY 10032

If you would like to apply for this job, please go to https://nyspi.applicantpro.com/jobs/708867.html Only applications submitted through our website will be considered

Department of Clinical Neurophysiology of the University of Gottingen

PhD position in neuroscience

We are seeking a highly motivated candidate, interested in the evaluation of new transcranial stimulation paradigms in man. The ideal candidate should have some experience in transcranial stimulation techniques and a master in physics, bioengineering, computational neuroscience or physics. She/he would be integrated into one of the doctoral training programs in Göttingen. The usual duration for obtaining a PhD is about 3 years. We offer most modern recording equipment, a friendly and motivating lab environment as well as an enthusiastic and helpful research team.

For questions, please feel free to contact

Prof. Dr. med. Walter Paulus
Department of Clinical Neurophysiology
Robert Koch Str. 40
37075 Göttingen

Tel.: +49 (0) 551/39 66650
Email: wpaulus@med.uni-goettingen.de


Senior Neurophysiology Scientist

Are you looking for a chance to work in the beautiful sunshine in world-class facilities? The Mater Centre for Neurosciences, one of Australia’s leading and most diverse neurosciences services is looking for a Senior Neurophysiology Scientist to join the dynamic and growing team on a permanent full-time basis.

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