IFCN Election
Schedule of Election of the IFCN Officers for the next Fiscal Period (2015-2018)

Since the 30th International Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology (ICCN) will take place in Berlin in March 2014, the election of IFCN officers for the next Fiscal Period (2015-2019) will start this coming summer. The overall schedule for the election is as follows.

First Round: President and Treasurer, nominations starting June 2012
Second Round: Secretary, nominations starting January 2013
Third round: Members-at-Large, nominations starting June 2013

For more information about the election, please refer to the Article 5.6 (Election and Appointment Process of Executive Committee) of the IFCN Statutes.

IFCN Elections Committee
Hiroshi Shibasaki (Kyoto, Japan) (Chairperson)
Kerry Mills (London, UK)
Donald Sanders (Durham, NC, USA)
Armando Tello (Mexico City, Mexico)