Sponsored Subscription

Neurophysiologists working in economically disadvantaged countries may be eligible for a complimentary electronic subscription to Clinical Neurophysiology.  The number of sponsored subscriptions will vary according to the budgetary capacities of the IFCN.  Sponsored subscriptions run for one calendar year and will be re-confirmed each year by the Secretariat office.

Here are the essential criteria for a successful application:

  • Sponsored subscribers must be members of a member society of the IFCN. If there is no national society of clinical neurophysiology in their country they should become members of the ICNS. Applications for sponsored subscriptions must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from officers of the corresponding national society or of the ICNS.
  • Sponsored subscribers must live in countries regarded as economically disadvantaged.
  • Sponsored subscribers must confirm their willingness to share their hard or electronic copies of Clinical Neurophysiology with other clinical neurophysiologists in their institution or area.

If you would like to apply for a complimentary subscription, please forward the IFCN Secretariat an email with the following information:

  • Name:
  • Name of affiliated IFCN Society you are a member of:
  • Email:
  • Country:
  • Medical Position:
  • Routine Professional Activities:
  • Number of neurophysiologists that this subscription can be shared with (in your country):