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IFCN Fellowships & Awards

IFCN ExCo Awards (Young Investigator Awards)

IFCN will be sponsoring ten Awards, two in association with Elsevier, for excellence in research by young investigators, at the forthcoming ICCN Washington 2018.

  1. There will be 10 Awards in preferably 10 different fields within Clinical Neurophysiology, each award being $US 3,500 (or $US 4,000, see #6 below), designed to cover the costs of attendance at the Congress
  2. IFCN will not dictate how the prize monies are spent but awardees must pay the registration fees and other expenses of Congress attendance.
  3. The 10 awardees will present their papers as platform presentations at the ICCN in Washington and the awards will be presented at these sessions by the President of IFCN and the publisher of Elsevier.
  4. The awardees will be chosen by the Executive Committee of IFCN from abstracts of free communications submitted for the Congress, from a short-list recommended by the Congress Program Committee.
  5. ExCo members will not be involved in the judging of abstracts from their own centre.
  6. The two most highly ranked submissions (abstracts) will be named the W.A. Cobb and M.A.B. Brazier Awards, will be sponsored by Elsevier and will have a total value of $US 4,000.
  7. The applicant must state on the abstract submission form that he/she wishes to apply for the "IFCN Young Investigator Awards", must be first author on the submitted abstract, must agree to register for the Congress and must make the platform presentation personally. An award will be withheld if the awardee fails to comply with these conditions.
  8. The applicants must agree to submit the reported study to the journal "Clinical Neurophysiology" within 6 months of the Congress as an original research report or as part of a comprehensive Review, acceptance for publication in the journal then being dependent on peer review.
  9. A young investigator will be defined by age 35 or younger on 19th March 2018, and must verified with the abstract submission by a copy of passport or birth certificate.

    IFCN Fellowships for Young Scientists

    Further, the IFCN offers 100 fellowships (up to USD 1000) to attend the ICCN2018. The fellowship winners must register for ICCN2018, submit an abstract and present their material personally at ICCN2018.  Fellows should be supported by their national IFCN member society and their names should be suggested by the national societies to the IFCN Secretariat in Vancouver by the deadline of abstract submission. Decisions are made by the IFCN ExCo. 

    IFCN Travel Grants for IFCN Delegates of Member Societies

    IFCN Delegates from economically disadvantaged countries can be supported to attend the IFCN General Assembly meeting in Washington. The IFCN offers another 20 travel grants for IFCN delegates (up to USD 1.000) from economically disadvantaged countries (category B). IFCN Delegates have to register for ICCN2018 and must personally attend the meeting of the IFCN General Assembly. Applications should be sent to the IFCN Secretariat in Vancouver. There is no age limit for travel grants for IFCN delegates.