Research & Guidelines
One mission of the IFCN is to promote the application of conventional or novel neurophysiological techniques as scientific tools to increase knowledge, to provide new information, or to solve existing problems. Moreover, IFCN aims to stimulate the development of new methods and systems to explore old or new areas of the physiology of the human nervous system. To achieve this, IFCN supports research involving different professionals, including clinical neurophysiologists, basic physiologists, technicians, engineers, physicists, informatics specialists, neuro-radiologists, and other scientists. We understand that medical research in neurophysiology is essential to keep its autonomy and to sustain this medical specialty in the future.

Scientific investigation involving young people to produce skilled researchers is particularly encouraged, as this is crucial for the future development of clinical neurophysiology. For this purpose, a growing number prizes and grants are given to young investigators.

Technological improvement, promotion of dialogue with other medical and scientific associations, promotion of large projects between countries, scientific progress in less developed regions, better health care and dissemination of information to the public are other scientific aims of the society.

We are convinced that the most striking advancements in medical research in the future will occur in the human nervous system, integrating brain function and brain-computer interfaces, motor activity, balance, sensation, robotics and biomedical devices to interact with human organs. Clinical neurophysiology is among the most effective tools in this exciting new world.