Reports to Members and Audits

Here are the ExCo members (from left to right): Profs. Ulf Ziemann, Yoshikazu Ugawa, Mark Hallett, Renato Verdugo, Paolo Rossini, Liying Cui, Reinhard Dengler and David Burke.

ExCo Meeting in Berlin, March 2014: Pictured are the former and new ExCo members (from left to right) Stephanie Stevenson (Secretariat Office), Prof. Renato Verdugo, Prof. Daniel Cibils, Prof. David Burke, Prof. Hiroshi Shibasaki, Prof. Mamede de Carvalho, Prof. Lawrence Phillips, Prof. Reinhard Dengler, Prof. Paolo Rossini, Prof. Mark Hallett and Prof. Yoshikazu Ugawa. Missing from the photo is Prof. Liying Cui.

ExCo Reports

Please find below links to summaries of minutes of the ExCo meetings. For further information, or to comment, please contact the Secretariat Office at

Report from ExCo November 2017

Report form ExCo February 2017

Report from ExCo October 2016

Report from ExCo April 2016

Report from ExCo October 2015

Letter from the ExCo President June 2015

Report from ExCo March 2015

Letter from ExCo President January 2015

Report from ExCo November 2014

Report from Exco March 23, 2014

Report from Exco March 19, 2014

Report from ExCo August 2013

Report from ExCo March 2013

Report from ExCo October 2012

Report from ExCo May 2010

Report from ExCo December 2009

Report from ExCo June 2009

Report from ExCo December 2008

Report from ExCo July 2008

Report from ExCo January 2008

Report from ExCo July 2007

Report from ExCo January 2007

IFCN Annual Audits

The IFCN audits are performed annually in January of the year immediately following the tax year to which the audit applies. They contain the statements of operations and changes in net assets and cash flows of the year January 01 to December 31. The information supplied to the auditor is the responsibility of the IFCN Treasurer. The audit is completed in accordance with Canadian tax law and accepted auditing standards of Canada. The IFCN is a “for-not-profit” organization and is not subject to tax.

It is the responsibility of the Delegates to reappoint the Auditor on an annual basis. It is assumed that the Auditor is to be reappointed unless a 2/3 majority of Delegates inform the Treasurer that they wish the Auditor replaced by another. Reasons for this must be given and the Treasurer must be informed within three (3) months of the Audit being posted on the IFCN Web site. A new Auditor can only commence at the end of a Tax year (December 31).

Audit 2001

Audit 2002

Audit 2003

Audit 2004

Audit 2005

Audit 2006

Audit 2007

Audit 2008

Audit 2009

Audit 2010

Audit 2011

Audit 2012

Audit 2013

Audit 2014

Audit 2015

Audit 2016

Please click here if you wish to disapprove the 2016 audited financial statement

Minutes of General Assemblies

Please see below for the minutes of the last three General Assemblies.

Minutes of the General Assembly, Berlin 2014

Minutes of the General Assembly, Kobe 2010

Minutes of the General Assembly, Edinburgh 2006