Chapters & Member Societies
The IFCN has no individual members, but consists of national member societies similar to the World Federation of Neurology or the European Federation of Neurological Societies. Most countries have only one member society, but a few have two. Although Europe has the highest density of member societies, Latin America, North America and Asia-Oceania are also well represented. Africa, however, is still undeveloped, since Egypt is currently the only member society.

For clinical neurophysiologists living in countries without a national society for clinical neurophysiology, the International Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ICNS) has been established and is formally a member society of the IFCN.

Since the member societies in different parts of the world may have different expectations and needs, four IFCN chapters have been formed over the last decade to harbor the national societies in greater geographical regions, i.e. Asia-Oceania, Europe- Middle East-Africa, Latin America and North America. Although these chapters have no formal status in the IFCN constitution, they have their own committees and organize chapter meetings usually every four years between the international congresses of clinical neurophysiology. The main task of the chapters is to preserve and to improve the quality of clinical neurophysiology by encouraging and supporting national societies within their region in organizing scientific and educational meetings and courses. The IFCN supports the chapters financially in doing this.

Although the constitution of an organization is not unchangeable, the current structure of the IFCN, with its national member societies as the basis, and the four geographically defined chapters, has proven of great value.

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